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Linhai shipbuilding market Daobi usher in a new turn for the better

Shipbuilding is one of the city's five pillar industries in the industrial economy occupies a pivotal position in the development of shipbuilding industry, directly affecting the quality of the industrial economy of incremental raise. Last year, the second half of the global financial crisis, leading to the international shipping market downturn, the shipbuilding industry and therefore severely affected. But with the introduction of national support policies and market mechanisms Daobi adjustment in phoenix rise from the ashes after the shipbuilding industry will usher in a new turn and continue to set sail. Town below to flood, for example, in combination with other parts of the city for an analysis.
1, the financial crisis to the city's shipbuilding industry impact. The first half of this year, the city's shipbuilding industry realized an output value45.8Billion, compared with same period last year29.4%, In the city ahead of the five industries. Mostly because of shipbuilding orders for the production, with a lag characteristics, therefore, the data are not representative of a beautiful this year's developments. On the current situation, the financial crisis, the impact on the shipping industry continues.
1. Significantly reduced orders for new ships. By the financial crisis, the global shipping industry, after five years of rapid growth, has entered a downturn. The rapid decline in shipbuilding market, making the owner can not be easily orders, new ship orders for the sharp decline in the stock of orders for shipbuilding enterprises rely on the support of more than survive. From my town perspective, this year, the actual orders only3Ships. Ship currently under construction, are even the year before last year's orders.
2. At increased risk of cross-ship performance. The financial crisis on the bulk cargo transport market caused by strong impact, the owner withdrawals, he said, postponed then break out the phenomenon of the ship. At the same time due to difficulties in profits, owners of the ship quality and the price of the more demanding requirements, withdrawals, the possibility still exists, shipbuilding enterprises are facing a huge performance risk. Owner "abandon" so many vessels to become a "no man's boat" have invested a lot of money was hard to cash recovery, corporate business risks become greater.
3. Corporate financing difficulties. Shipping industry is a capital-intensive industry, requiring substantial financial backing, but the impact of financial crisis to make shipbuilding enterprises are facing, "both internal and external" financial pressure. On the one hand, the shipbuilding industry and future development trend of rapid deterioration of the situation of uncertainty, so a lot of the ship is full of concerns raised by the shareholders of companies, the investment will decrease, an increase in internal conflicts and disputes. On the other hand, banks are risk-averse, strengthened credit assessment, tightening the credit scale. Financing difficulties are faced with tremendous pressure on shipbuilding, many SMEs are "unsustainable."
4. Excess capacity worries appear. A few years ago, the shipbuilding industry of the high rate of return to attract private capital influx of a large number of small and large shipyards have sprung up out of spread all over the Ling Jiang Liangan. Shipbuilding disorder expansion and low-level repetitive construction, so that excess capacity in the current financial crisis, worries are fully reflected. According to statistics, the current shipbuilding capacity of the city120Million deadweight tons, annual output value of100Billion, accounting for Zhejiang "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" annual52010000 dwt23%, Accounting for national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" annual170010000 dwt7%. With the commissioning of projects under construction, capacity conflicts will become increasingly prominent, and market competition will be even more intense, a group of relatively poor competitiveness of enterprises will be forced to withdraw from the market.

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造船业是我市的五大支柱产业之一,在工业经济中占有举足轻重的地位,造船业的发展,直接影响到工业经济的增量提质。去年下半年的全球金融危机,导致国际航运市场不景气,造船业也因此遭受严重的影响。但是随着国家扶持政策的出台和市场倒逼机制的调整,在凤凰涅槃后浴火重生的造船业将迎来新的转机,继续扬帆远航。下面以汛桥镇为例,并结合我市其它地方的情况,作一浅析。 一、金融危机给我市造船业带来的影响。 今年上半年,我市造船业实现产值45.8亿元,比去年同期增长29.4%,在全市五大产业中遥遥领先。由于造船业多为订单生产,具有滞后性的特点,因此,这一漂亮的数据并不能代表今年的发展形势。就目前的情况看,金融危机对船舶产业的影响仍在持续。